How to Apply for Brand / Label Approval

All malt and wine products shipped into or sold within the State of Alabama for distribution must first be approved by the Alabama ABC Board Licensing and Compliance Division. To request approval, please complete the Brand/Label Approval Form and follow the instructions listed below.

Each label submission must be in a single Adobe PDF which includes the following required attachments:

  1. Complete Alabama ABC Brand/Label Approval form
  2. An assignment letter (importers) or a formal request for approval on letterhead (manufacturers)
  3. COLA form (TTB F5100.31) for the listed product or Certificate of Label Exemption
  4. A scanned color copy of the label listed
  5. Signed, completed Territorial Agreement(s) for each listed Wholesale Distributor(s)

Registration requests should be submitted to You must receive a stamped approval from the Licensing and Compliance Division prior to the product being shipped into or sold within the State. Please allow two to three weeks for processing.

Download the form HERE.

If you have any questions regarding Brand/Label registrations, please contact the Licensing and Compliance office at (334) 213-6300.