Approved Wine Containers

How to Submit A Wine Container Approval Request

Containers must first be approved by the ABC Board prior to dissemination.  Wine container approval requests may be submitted in person at a local ABC Division office , or mailed to the ABC Board Central Office located at 2715 Gunter Park Drive W, Montgomery, Alabama 36109.  All wine container approval requests must include the following:

  1. Formal request on letterhead from the manufacturer of the wine container and/or machine.  This letter should include information about the wine container as well as contact information.  The Board will notify the contact person listed when an official decision has been made.  Once a wine container is officially approved, it will be listed here on the ABC Board website.
  2. Sample of the actual wine container to be inspected by ABC Board staff.  Please do not submit only photos as a sample.  The Board must receive the actual container in order to inspect and approve it.