How to Submit a Territorial Agreement

Typically, a Territorial Agreement will be submitted with your Brand/Label approval request. Be sure that the Territorial Agreement is complete and signed before submitting it.

If there is a change to the territorial at a later date, you may submit a new territorial agreement with a release letter for the previous distributor and an appointment letter for the new distributor. This agreement is subject to the provisions of Alabama law including, but not limited to, Alabama Code Title 28, Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 (pertaining to beer), Title 45, Chapter 2, Part 3 (pertaining to wine in Baldwin County), Alabama Act No. 93-483 (pertaining to wine in Mobile County), Alabama Act No. 2013-346 (pertaining to wine in Jefferson County), Alabama Act No. 2014-209 (pertaining to wine in Shelby County), and Alabama Act No. 2014-223 (pertaining to wine in Montgomery County).

Download the Territorial Agreement Form HERE.