Human Resources Division

Comprised of seven full time staff members and two retired state employees, the ABC Human Resources Division is responsible for the control of the personnel actions of appointment, transfer, promotion, service, and separation of all employees of the ABC Board in accordance with State Personnel Department policies. This includes responsibility for staffing and recruitment, employee file maintenance, wellness (illness/injury) monitoring, complaint resolution, payroll and benefits management, training and education, and disciplinary matters.

The ABC Human Resources Division monitors compliance with updates related to ABC Board policies, State Personnel Board Rules, Merit System laws, and federal regulations related to employment procedures. The division provides support services to a large and diversified employee staff, in varied classifications assigned to all agency divisions.

The current focus of the Human Resources Division is threefold in 1) identifying and remedying the need for employee training as it relates to customer service and mentoring to minimize turnover and maximize longevity of appointments; 2) Conducting one-on-one sessions to enhance opportunities for progression to leadership roles, career planning, and performance improvements; and 3) maintaining an actively engaged posture for employment forecasting and succession planning methods.


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