How to Apply for Promotional Approval

All proposed advertising and promotions, involving alcohol and/or an ABC licensed location, may be submitted to the Alabama ABC Licensing and Compliance Division for approval prior to dissemination. This includes, but is not limited to, radio, television, newspapers, magazines, billboards, point-of-sale materials, novelty items, clothing, promotions and aerial displays 20-X-7. To request approval, please complete the Advertising/Promotions Approval Request Form and follow the instructions listed below.

Each advertising/promotion request must be in a single Adobe PDF which includes the following required attachments:

  1. Complete Advertising/Promotions Approval Request Form
  2. Formal request for approval on company letterhead.
  3. Complete set of ALL promotional rules.
  4. Clear, color copy of all promotional sales media (e.g. Entry form, coupon, Necker, tear-off, etc.)
  5. Detailed list of where the promotion will be displayed on the product and within the licensed location.
  6. ALL disclaimers and legally required notices (e.g. “Purchase of alcoholic beverage is not required to participate…”, etc.) shall be clearly and legibly printed on the face of the promotional sales media in bold-face print in a medium of 10 point print (#12 font) or larger.

Advertising/promotion approval requests should be submitted to Please allow two to three weeks for processing. If you have any questions regarding Advertising/Promotion approval, please contact the Licensing and Compliance office, (334) 213-6300.

Download the form HERE