How to Apply

In-State License or Permit

Please print your pre-application and contact your division office to schedule an appointment. At the time of your appointment, you will need your completed pre-application and all required documentation from the checklist (form LCD-2) with you.

Click on the links below to open and print the Pre-Application form and checklist.



Direct Wine Shipper or Wine Fulfillment Center License

Please review the pre-application and checklist linked below. Once you complete the pre-application and obtain all required documents listed on the checklist, you will need to scan the documents into a single PDF file and email them to, or mail them to 2715 Gunter Park Drive West, Montgomery, AL 36109



Delivery Service License

Prior to submitting your application for the Alabama Delivery Service License, you must first receive a stamped approval from the Alabama ABC Board for your alcohol delivery training and certification program and the scanning identification software to be used during delivery.  The approval request forms for both items are linked below and contain instructions on how to submit requests to the Alabama ABC Board.


Once you have received a stamped approval from the Alabama ABC Board for the items above, you will need to complete the Delivery Service License Pre-Application and gather the documents listed on the Delivery Service License Checklist, linked below.  Please read the instructions on both forms carefully, as the submission process differs slightly for in-state and out of state locations.