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Table 1
State Code Item Name Price
A010127 Blanton's Straight from the Barrel $149.99
A009500 Blood Oath Trilogy $699.99
A009648 Double Eagle Very Rare Bourbon $1,999.99
A005614 E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof $69.99
A010250 E.H. Taylor Warehouse C $69.99
A005106 Eagle Rare 17yr $99.99
A010367 Michter's 20yr Bourbon $749.99
A009388 O.F.C. 1995 $2,499.99
A010057 Old Forester 150th Commemorative Edition $149.99
A005647 Old Rip Van Winkle 10yr $79.99
A004676 Pappy Van Winkle 15yr $139.99
A004679 Pappy Van Winkle 20yr $229.99
A004672 Pappy Van Winkle 23yr $329.99
A010254 Rabbit Hole Mizunara $1,499.99
A005100 Sazerac Rye 18yr $99.99
A005105 Thomas Handy Rye $99.99
A004675 Van Winkle Special Reserve 12yr $89.99
A005986 Weller 12yr $44.99
A009506 Weller CYPB $49.99
A009876 Weller Single Barrel $49.99
A005101 William Larue Weller $99.99


Table 2
State Code Item Name Price
A009707 1792 AGED BOURBON 125 PR. 12 YR.  750 ML $49.99
A004853 1792 Sweet Wheat $38.99
A009784 Angel's Envy Cask Strength Whiskey $199.99
A009249 Blood Oath Pact No. 7 $124.99
A010302 Blue Note 17 Year Old Bourbon  $174.99
A010066 Calumet Farm Bourbon 14 Year $119.99
A005567 Calumet Farm Bourbon 15 Year $129.99
A005677 Corazon Expressions Blanco $59.99
A004574 Corazon Expressions Tequila George T Stagg $79.99
A005676 Corazon Expressions Tequila Thomas Handy $79.99
A005675 Corazon Expressions Tequila William Larue Weller $79.99
A010262 Daveiss County Double Barrel $54.99
A005165 E.H. Taylor Single Barrel $59.99
A004255 Elijah Craig 18yr $149.99
A001104 Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel Bourbon $37.99
A005150 Four Roses Small Batch LE 2021 $149.99
A004152 Hancock Reserve Bourbon $49.99
A010206 Heaven's Door Redbreast Finish $99.99
A010321 Jack Daniel's Coy Hill $69.99
A009792 Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend Whiskey $179.99
A009525 Kentucky Owl Batch #11 $199.99
A005672 Michter's 10yr Bourbon $116.46
A009742 Michter's 10yr Rye $129.45
A005834 Michter's Barrel Strength Rye $99.99
A009289 Michter's Toasted Barrel Bourbon $99.99
A010068 Michter's Toasted Barrel Rye $91.39
A009645 Mister Sam Tribute Whiskey $349.99
A009600 Old Fitzgerald 11yr $110.00
A009674 Old Fitzgerald 8yr $84.99
A010251 Old Forester Barrel Proof Rye $79.99
A009867 Old Forester Barrel Strength ABC Barrel Select $79.99
A001217 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon $149.99
A010298 Parker's Heritage 15th Edition $139.99
A005571 Parker's Heritage Heavy Char 10yr 14th Edition $119.99
A010200 Russell's Reserve Bourbon 13yr $69.99
A005558 Stagg Jr $49.99
A010197 Templeton Rye 10 Year  $79.99
A004271 Weller Antique 107 $49.99
A009718 Weller Full Proof $49.99
A010320 Widow Jane Lucky 13 $106.99
A010131 Widow Jane The Vaults $227.95
A005574 Wild Turkey Master's Keep ONE $174.99
A009501 Yellowstone Limited Release 2021 $119.99


Table 3
State Code Item Name Price
A007089 Basil Haydens 10 Yr Bourbon $69.99
A000249 Blanton's Bourbon ABC Barrel Pick $59.99
A000881 Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream $20.99
A010382 Chicken Cock Cotton Club Rye $499.99
A000186 Eagle Rare Single Barrel ABC Barrel Pick $32.99
A010176 Heaven's Door Bootlegger Series 2019 $499.99
A010139 Heaven's Door Bootlegger Series 2020 $499.99
A009281 Henry McKenna BIB $49.99
A010180 High N Wicked The Honorable $99.99
A010316 High N Wicked The Wild Rover (Irish) $174.99
A009340 High West Midwinter's Night Dram $99.99
A010289 Jack Daniel's 10yr $69.99
A005921 John J Bowman Single Barrel Bourbon $49.99
A005789 Johnny Drum Private Stock Bourbon $49.99
A009886 Kentucky Owl Dry State Bourbon $999.99
A009870 Knob Creek 15 yr Bourbon $119.99
A009793 Murray Hill Bourbon $99.99
A009499 Old Ezra 117pr $59.99
A009866 Old Forester Single Barrel ABC Select 100 pr $49.99
A010369 Old Soul Capt Luke Bourbon $99.99
B010363 Roaming Man Rye $52.99
A010317 Templeton Sherry Cask $44.99
A009757 Whistlepig Boss Hog VIII LapuLapu's Pacific $499.99
A007214 Willet Family Estate Rye 4yr $79.99
A000079 Woodford Master Col. Five Malt $129.99


Table 4
State Code Item Name Price
A009337 1792 BIB ABC Barrel Select $38.99
A005432 1792 Full Proof ABC Barrel Select $49.99
A005981 1792 Single Barrel Bourbon ABC Barrel Select $42.99
A004132 Angel's Envy Finished Rye Whiskey $99.99
A010309 Bardstown Collaborative Series Ferrand Cognac Finish $134.99
A010249 Bardstown Collaborative Series Prisoner Finish $134.99
A010248 Bardstown Discovery Series $134.99
A010069 Blade & Bow Bourbon $49.99
A009303 Booker's Lil Book "The Invitation" $124.99
A000101 Buffalo Trace Bourbon ABC Barrel Pick $27.99
A009766 Bulleit Single Barrel Bourbon $54.99
A010238 Clyde May Spc Rsv 6yr  110pr $59.99
A010326 Clyde May's 13yr Cask Bourbon $179.99
A010325 Clyde May's 13yr Cask Strength Whiskey $139.99
A010313 Clyde May's 15 Year Straight Bourbon $198.99
A010042 David Nicholson 1843 Bourbon $29.99
A010261 El Mayor Sherry Cask Extra Anejo $139.99
A007045 Elijah Craig Barrel Proof $69.99
A009856 Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel Bourbon $54.99
A010188 Ezra Brooks Barrel Strength ABC Select $54.99
A009823 Ezra Brooks Distiller's Collection ABC Select $39.99
A010360 FEW Bourbon $44.99
A010280 Garrison Brothers Single Barrel $126.99
A010286 Garrison Brothers Small Batch $101.99
A010322 George Dickel 8yr $32.99
A010207 Heaven's Door Cask Str ABC Select $59.99
A009220 High West Rendezvous Rye $69.99
A010266 Hooten & Young American Whiskey $74.99
A009353 Isaac Bowman Port Finish $39.99
A008107 Jefferson's Reserve Prichard Hill Bourbon $59.99
A009538 Jefferson's Reserve Twin Oak Bourbon $79.99
A009659 Kentucky Owl Confiscated $124.99
A010359 Kentucky Owl The Wiseman Bourbon $49.99
A007338 Knob Creek 12 yr Bourbon $69.99
A010073 Midleton Barry Crocket Irish Whiskey $329.99
A010291 Old Elk Amagnac Finished Bourbon $89.99
A010290 Old Elk Cognac Finished Bourbon $89.99
A010364 Old Elk Infinity Blend Bourbon $149.99
A010293 Old Elk Oloroso Sherry Finished Bourbon $89.99
A010108 Old Elk Single Barrel Bourbon ABC Select $54.99
A010109 Old Elk Single Barrel Wheated Bourbon ABC Select $74.99
A010294 Old Elk Sour Mash Reserve Bourbon $89.99
A010292 Old Elk Tawny Port Finished Bourbon $89.99
A007695 Peerless Bourbon $79.99
A009774 Peerless Rye Whiskey $104.99
A010385 Pinhook "Bourbon Wars" 6yr Vertical $63.99
A010384 Pinhook Bourbon $42.99
A010386 Pinhook Rye $42.99
A010071 Rabbit Hole Cave Hill Bourbon $59.99
A010187 Rebel Barrel Strength ABC Select $59.99
A009826 Rebel Distiller's Collection ABC Select $44.99
A010258 Remus Repeal Reserve Bourbon $99.99
A010237 Sam Houston 15yr $129.99
A010158 Thomas Moore Cabernet Finish $69.99
A010157 Thomas Moore Chardonnay Finish $69.99
A010159 Thomas Moore Port Finish $69.99
A010361 Whiskey Row Shipping Port Bourbon $59.99
A010362 Whiskey Row BIB Bourbon $79.99
A008224 Whistlepig 15yr $279.99
A010239 Whistlepig BIB Bourbon $99.99
A010240 Whistlepig BIB Rye $99.99
A010079 Wild Turkey Rare Breed Rye $59.99
F005459 Willet Pot Still Bourbon - 1.75L $112.49
A010267 Yellowstone 102 pr ABC Barrel Select $64.99
A009824 Yellowstone 109 Pr  ABC Barrel Select $64.99
A009825 Yellowstone 115 pr ABC Barrel Select $64.99
A010334 Glendronach Portwood Single Malt $89.99