Not Selected Procedures

You did not win a spot in line.  Don't worry - you can still participate!

Each location will be accepting walk-up participants!  We only awarded 100 spots in line, but we have plenty of great bourbon that is available for purchase by other customers.  You will still need a valid Alabama State issued photo ID, Alabama driver's license or military photo ID.  If you are military personnel stationed at a base in Alabama, you will need to show proof of residency.  Valid ID as specified above or proof of residency (military personnel) is required to register as a walk-up participant.

We will have a registration tent set up specifically for walk-up participants at every location that will open at 8:00 a.m.  These tents will be placed in locations near the edge of the property.  Many people in the past have arrived early to get a good spot in line, however we will not be accepting any registrations until 8:00 a.m.  No customers will be allowed on the property before their allotted time slot (winners) or until the registration tent opens at 8:00 a.m. for walk-up participants.  Just like with the sweepstakes winners, we will be assigning a timed slot to groups of 25 participants from the walk-up line.  Times are listed below.  The times listed show the time at which the walk-ups will be allowed on the premises.  Again, participants are not allowed on the property until their assigned time slot. 

All customers wishing to participate as a walk-up are required to wear a mask in accordance with State and local mandates/guidelines while in the registration line, on the property, in the Whiskey Release line, or in the store.  Each participant must pass a temperature check and will be asked to confirm that they are not currently experiencing nor have they recently experienced any COVID-19 symptoms.  For the safety of everyone involved, no person will be allowed on the premises that has a temperature above 99.6 or is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.  Those symptoms include coughing, sore throat, body aches, fever, loss of taste and/or smell or shortness of breath.

To keep the crowds manageable and to allow for the comfort and safety of all involved, participants will only be allowed to get in line at their specified time.  We have moved a few of the venues this year to ensure we have good parking and can accommodate socially distanced lines. 

Once in the store, you will notice that a few things have changed.  Table 1 and Table 2 will remain the same.  As in the past, you will be able to get one (1) product total from Table 1 and two (2) products total from Table 2 (not the same product).  The line will then go around the perimeter of the store to accommodate safety measures for all participants.  The products in Area 3 shall be on four tables that are spaced apart from each other so that each participant can shop each table in comfort.  Only two bottles of each item shall be on the table at any given time.  They will be refilled as they are purchased.  We plan to have one ABC store employee at each table.  Participants will be required to stay in line and not move ahead of the participant in front of you.  All products available in the Whiskey Release will be available via this method.  You shall have the opportunity to shop every product that is still available within your time slot.

Thank you for your safe participation in the 2021 Annual Whiskey Release.


Not Selected Times Table