Q: What is the definition of an allocated product?

A: If an item is limited in either the amount of product that we have access to OR it is limited in the total time that we can offer it to our customers, the AABC considers that item to be ALLOCATED.


Q: Does the ABC have a list of approved allocated products that are encompassed in this policy?

A: Yes.  You can view the list of allocated products here.


Q: Why is the ABC limiting the total amount of items each individual can purchase?

A: The AABC wishes to provide as many customers as possible with the opportunity to purchase Allocated goods.  By limiting the purchase of these products to two (2) bottles per person per day, we will increase the amount available for all ABC customers.


Q: Does this apply to individuals or households?

A: The limit is applied on a by person basis.  All residents of Alabama of legal drinking age that wish to purchase an allocated product from an ABC Select Spirits store will be allowed to do so regardless of the household in which they live.


Q: Does the 2-bottle purchase limit apply for the Annual Whiskey Release?

A:  The Annual Whiskey Release will have it’s own set of purchase guidelines and policies.


Q: How does the ABC pick the stores in which it will release allocated products?

A: We only have enough product sent to us to send out to a limited number of stores.  All product is shipped from our warehouse in full case amounts so the number of cases available, not the number of bottles available, also determines the number of stores we can impact.  We try to send allocated product where the most citizens live or shop.  We have identified 120 stores that meet that criteria specific to sales of Bourbon.  30 stores are allocated product every month and the remaining identified stores are sent allocations quarterly.


Q: Why can’t my local ABC store get the same allocated products as other ABC stores? 

A: Even if your local ABC store is part of the 120 identified stores, most of our allocations on these products are well below that amount.  Most are in the 10 – 12 case range. Most of our allocated items will only be available in a very limited number of stores. (Click here for a list)


Q: How often are allocated products sent out?

A: Beginning in February of 2021, we plan to send out allocated products on a monthly basis. A shipping calendar is available here.


Q: Does this policy pertain to independent retailer or on-premise licensees as well? 

A: All allocated product sent in to the State of Alabama are re-allocated upon arrival.  60% of the product that comes in is reserved for sale in the ABC stores and the other 40% is reserved for bars, restaurants and independent retailers.  This reflects the share of business that each of these channels represent


Q: Can I be notified as to when and where products are expected to be released?

A: We cannot send out notifications. However, we do plan to communicate this information on our website.  That notification will be published the second Monday of every month, (Beginning February 2021).  The shipments will occur the following week.  To view when monthly allocations will be available click here.


Q: How can I be sure that employees are not holding allocated products back?

A: We have strict policies against this.  Since this product is in such high demand, we either put the product on a rack or have it at the register on the day of arrival.  In most cases these products are all purchased shortly after opening.  In fact, the purpose of this new policy is to allow for more ABC customers to have access to limited items. 


Q: Are Barrel Program items considered to be allocated items?

A: Not in general.  We have a separate Barrel Select program that will dictate the location of and quantity of product available on ABC Barrel Select items.   However, if a product is both a Barrel Select item AND an allocated item, it will be released with the Allocated items. 


Q: Why are you limiting this to residents of Alabama and active military stationed here?

A: The very limited amount of product our suppliers send in is meant of the population of the state of Alabama.  Each state is afforded an allocation by our suppliers.  It is our desire to make sure the product that was allocated to the citizens of Alabama ends up in the hands of these citizens.  We include our active military because these men and women are serving in our country’s Armed Services and are fighting to protect the United States of America.  Many of them are temporarily stationed in one of the many bases we have in Alabama and will not acquire permanent residency here.  While they are stationed in Alabama, we will offer them the benefit of other citizens as an act of appreciation for their service.


Q: How will you validate Alabama residency and Military status.

A valid Alabama identification will be required for Alabama citizens.  Military that do not have an Alabama ID should plan to provide proof of residency via a local utility bill with their name on it and a matching valid ID.