Terms and Conditions

 Alabama ABC Select Spirits Limited-Release Sweepstakes  -  Terms and Conditions                                                                             Last updated: September 18, 2023

Notice: Participation by individuals in any Limited-Release Sweepstakes is governed by these Terms and Conditions.  Please review carefully prior to submitting an entry.



Thank you for your interest in the Limited-Release Sweepstakes (“Sweepstakes”). The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (“AABCB”), based on its statutory grant of authority, is the primary wholesaler and retailer of spirits in Alabama.  Because of this role, the AABCB purchases, and has the responsibility to distribute, spirits products that are released by manufacturers or suppliers in limited allocations and generate considerable demand.  The AABCB has developed and implemented the Sweepstakes to equitably distribute these types of products among individuals in Alabama.  Through the Sweepstakes, interested individuals can enter random drawings to win a guaranteed position in line at a specified AABCB Select Spirits store on a predetermined date for the purpose of participating in a Limited Release event.  Each Sweepstakes conducted by the AABCB may involve one or more locations.  Drawings will be conducted for each location designated to be participating in the Limited Release event.  When multiple locations are holding events on the same day, individuals may enter the Sweepstakes for a position in line at each location.  However, individuals are only able to win at one location per Sweepstakes.


Scope of Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern participation by individuals in any Sweepstakes conducted by the AABCB . In addition, these Terms and Conditions are supplemented by the general Terms of Use posted on our web site at http://alabcboard.gov/productSweepstakes, which are incorporated herein by reference. Individuals will be required to acknowledge that they have reviewed and understand these Terms and Conditions prior to entering any Sweepstakes.


Selection of Product Codes or Brands

The AABCB has the sole discretion to select what product codes or brands to make available for sale through a Limited Release event Sweepstakes.  Selection of a product code or brand for inclusion in a Sweepstakes does not guarantee that the same product code or brand will be made available again through subsequent or future Sweepstakes.


Eligibility to Participate

In order to be eligible to participate in any Sweepstakes, individuals must be of legal drinking age. Only current Alabama residents who are at least 21 years of age and have a valid Alabama State issued ID or Alabama driver's license or are active-duty military stationed in Alabama and can provide a military photo ID and proof of residency, are eligible to participate in the Sweepstakes.  The AABCB reserves the right to disqualify all entries from anyone suspected of engaging in these prohibited activities, or any other prohibited activities set forth herein, from participation in current or future Sweepstakes.  Persons under the age of 21 are strictly prohibited from participating in any Sweepstakes.  All AABCB employees are ineligible and shall NOT participate in the Sweepstakes.


Entry Period

The entry period for each Sweepstakes will typically be open for a period of 20 days.  The applicable entry period for any Sweepstakes will be announced and/or otherwise advertised in Select Spirit stores by the AABCB in advance of the actual opening of the entry period.  The AABCB reserves the right to delay, modify, or extend the applicable entry period for any Sweepstakes.


Method of Entry

There is only one method of entry for participating in any Sweepstakes conducted by the AABCB . In order to submit an entry for a chance to win a guaranteed position in line at one of our events, as part of a Sweepstakes, an individual must go to the website designated as http://alabcboard.gov/productSweepstakes ,  and then select the particular Limited Release Event drawing from within the list of available Sweepstakes options.  By submitting an entry for any Limited Release Event drawing, the entrant is conveying his or her intent to accept the position in line at the specific event for which a drawing is taking place.  Winning positions will be forfeited if the individual participant is not at the correct store, by the specified time, on the specified date.  It is also strongly recommended that individuals take extra care to supply a valid email address and exercise any other necessary steps to ensure that email sent by the AABCB can be received.  The AABCB is not responsible for any issues arising from email notifications being blocked, diverted, deleted, or otherwise not received.


Limit on Number of Entries

Each individual may only submit one entry for the Sweepstakes but will have the ability to select a maximum of four (4) stores for which to be considered for a place in line.  Any individual who submits, or is suspected of submitting, multiple entries for the same Limited Release event drawing shall be disqualified.


Purchase Limits

Products available at the designated location on the day of the Limited Release event will be divided into four tables/areas this year.  Participants may purchase from Tables 1-4 as detailed below.

Table 1 - 1 bottle from Table 1 - (1 item total) - (these are the most highly allocated products)

Table 2 - 2 bottles from Table 2 - (2 items total - must be two different items) - (these are the second most highly allocated products)  Participants will not be allowed to purchase two of the same item from Table 2.

Table 3 - Choose as many different items as you would like on this table, but you are limited to 1 bottle per item.

Table 4 -  Choose as many different items as you would like on this table, but you are limited to 2 bottles per item.


Drawing Process

A random drawing process will be utilized to select the winning entries relative to each Limited Release event.  For any Sweepstakes, the drawings for the guaranteed position in line at all Limited Release events will occur based on the designated store number (smallest to largest).  If an individual has entered multiple Sweepstakes, the individual may only win at one location.  Once an individual has been picked in this way, the individual is no longer able to win other positions at other locations.  This process repeats until all the designated positions in line at all Limited Release Events are awarded.


The AABCB shall review each entry prior to the drawing process to confirm the eligibility of the entrant and the entry.  The AABCB may also review all winning entries following their selection to verify the eligibility of the entrant and the entry.  The AABCB reserves the right to make determinations as to ineligible or disqualified entries at any time, and the AABCB's decisions relative to such matters shall be final and non-appealable.


Winning Entries

If an individual’s entry is selected during the random drawing process for any product code drawing conducted as part of a Sweepstakes, and the entrant and entry are verified as being eligible, the AABCB will send an email and/or text detailing the awarded position/event to the email address supplied at the time of entry.  Selection of an entry does not convey or entitle the entrant to receive any right or title to product owned and/or offered for sale by the AABCB; it only creates an opportunity to make a purchase as otherwise set forth herein.


Notification of Winners
Once the winning entries have been selected and verified for all product code drawings conducted as part of a Sweepstakes, the AABCB will notify each winning entrant via email and text of their position number in line, the designated ABC store in which their spot in line corresponds with and the time frame at which they are to arrive for registration.

Notification of Non-Winners
Entrants whose entries are not selected during the Sweepstakes will be notified via email and text.  Any individual of legal drinking age that wishes to attend the event and/or would like to stand in a walk-up line is welcome to do so.  Registration for the walk-up line at each location will begin at 8:00 am and close at 11:20 am on the day of the event .  These lines will be on a first-come first-served basis.  Registrants in the walk-up will be asked to leave the premises until their designated time frame that corresponds with their number in line.

Resale of Product/Criminal Activity Prohibited

Items offered for sale to individuals are not intended for resale. The sale of alcoholic beverages without a license is strictly prohibited under Alabama law.  Moreover, retail licensees are required to purchase alcoholic beverage products directly from the AABCB through the regular wholesale channel.  Retail licensees are not permitted to purchase or otherwise acquire alcoholic beverage products from individuals.  Anyone suspected of violating applicable Alabama laws governing alcoholic beverages will be reported to the AABCB enforcement division and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA).  Furthermore, anyone suspected of engaging in fraudulent or other criminal activity in connection with a Sweepstakes or otherwise will be reported to the appropriate State and local law enforcement authorities.


Disqualification from Participation

Anyone who violates these terms and conditions may be disqualified from participation in current and future Sweepstakes.  The AABCB also reserves the right to disqualify any individual suspected of engaging in any conduct intended to circumvent these terms and conditions or otherwise gain an unfair advantage over other entrants from participating in current or future Sweepstakes.  The AABCB’s decisions relative to such matters shall be final and non-appealable.  If a winning participant is disqualified for any reason, that position will be forfeited to the next participant in line.  This will adjust the line and shall lead to everyone after the disqualified person to move up in line.  Example; if a winning participant was randomly drawn for position 30 in line and was disqualified, participant in position 31 would move up to position 30 and position 32 into position 31, so on and so forth.