Frequently Asked Questions

Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (AABCB)


What is the Limited-Release Sweepstakes?

The Limited-Release Sweepstakes (“Sweepstakes”) allows interested individuals to enter random drawings to win a guaranteed position in line at a specified Limited Release Event.  Each Sweepstakes conducted by the AABCB may involve one or more individual Limited Release events held exclusively at ABC Select Spirits locations in Alabama. Separate individual drawings will be conducted for each Limited Release Event through a Sweepstakes.  All drawings will be conducted using a computer-generated random selection process.


Who can participate in a Sweepstakes?

In order to be eligible to participate in any Sweepstakes, individuals must be of legal drinking age.  Only current Alabama residents who are at least 21 years of age and have a valid Alabama State issued ID, Alabama driver's license or are active duty military stationed in Alabama and can provide a military photo ID and proof of residency, are eligible to participate in the Sweepstakes


Why did the AABCB develop and implement the Sweepstakes?

The AABCB developed and implemented the Sweepstakes to equitably distribute spirits products that are released by manufacturers or suppliers in limited quantities and generate considerable demand.


What products will be made available through a Sweepstakes?

The AABCB has the sole discretion to select what product codes or brands to make available for sale through a Sweepstakes.  The products made available through a Sweepstakes will generally be limited-release products or products released in limited quantities and may include bourbons, tequilas, scotches, and other small-batch spirits.


What prices apply to the products made available through a Sweepstakes?

The AABCB is governed by a mandatory pricing formula.  All product pricing reflects the suppliers desired prices at the time of the event.


How will available Sweepstakes inventory be distributed?

The AABC will attempt to proportionately distribute its inventory of products made available for sale through a Sweepstakes. The number of locations chosen to participate in a Limited Release event will dictate the number of available bottles for any event. The AABC may also withhold or move certain quantities of its available inventory in order to satisfy operational needs.


May I submit multiple entries in the Limited Release Sweepstakes?

No. Multiple entries in the Sweepstakes is strictly prohibited.  Anyone suspected of engaging in this prohibited conduct may be disqualified from participation in current and/or future Sweepstakes.


How many stores can I select for which to be considered?

While you can only have one submission, you can choose up to four (4) stores in which you desire to be considered.


May I register an account on behalf of someone else?

No. Each individual is responsible for creating and maintaining his or her own Sweepstakes entry.


May multiple people in my household enter the Sweepstakes?

Yes. However, each household member's entry must abide by the terms and conditions.


When can I sign up to participate in a Sweepstakes?

Interested individuals can sign up for a Limited Release Event at during the applicable entry period.  The entry period for each Sweepstakes is typically open for a period of 20 days.

The applicable entry period for any Sweepstakes shall be announced and/or otherwise advertised in ABC Select Spirits locations by the AABCB in advance of the actual opening of the entry period. The AABCB has the discretion to delay, modify, or extend the applicable entry period for any Sweepstakes.


All drawings will be witnessed by an independent third party.


The AABCB may review each entry prior to the drawing process to confirm the eligibility of the entrant and the entry.  The AABCB may also review all winning entries following their selection to verify the eligibility of the entrant and the entry.  The AABCB may make determinations as to ineligible or disqualified entries at any time, and the AABCB’s decisions relative to such matters will be final and non-appealable.


What happens if my entry is selected?

Once the winning entries have been selected and verified for all Limited Release Events conducted as part of a Sweepstakes, the AABCB will notify each winning entrant via email and/or text of the location and position in line.


What happens if my entry is not selected?

Entrants whose entries are not selected during any Sweepstakes (if any) will be notified via email and/or text at the conclusion of the Sweepstakes.


Is it permissible to resell items purchased through a Sweepstakes?

Items offered for sale to individuals through the Sweepstakes are not intended for resale.  The sale of alcoholic beverages without a license issued by the AABCB is strictly prohibited under Alabama law.


What happens to individual participants who violate the terms and conditions?

Anyone who violates the applicable terms and conditions shall be disqualified from participation in current and/or future Sweepstakes.  The AABCB shall also disqualify any individual participant suspected of engaging in any conduct intended to circumvent the applicable terms and conditions or otherwise gain an unfair advantage over other entrants from participating in current and/or future Sweepstakes.  The AABCB’s decisions relative to such matters are final and non-appealable.