DDS Registration


Direct Delivery Store (DDS)

General Scope

The purpose of the Direct Delivery Store (DDS) is to provide the service of delivering higher volume items to accounts throughout the state.  The item assortment will be comprised of approximately 700+ of the top SKU’s by volume throughout the state along with new item offerings which will rotate in/out each tertile (4 months).

 Delivery Schedule

•           There will be 2 delivery days per week, per area (Group ONE-TR/Group TWO-WF).  This means you can order up to 2 times per week and receive 2 orders per week.

•           Licensees will have the ability to order twice per week; each order must be a minimum of 50 cases (per delivery address) available on hand in the DDS store to be processed. If the order does not meet the minimum; the order will not be processed.

Ordering & Invoicing

•           Orders will be placed via the SANA ordering system through the DDS Store 248. 

•           There will be set days of the week for ordering with a 1:30 pm EST cutoff time to confirm your order to ensure appropriate processing. If you miss the cutoff time of 1:30 pm, the next available delivery date will be displayed as an alternative option.

•           Payment for product occurs when product is firmed as it is being loaded onto the delivery truck for shipment.  The firming process is a 3-layer audit process while being picked, staged, and loaded onto the trailer for delivery.

•           Payments must be made via Fintech or Credit Card.  You can learn more about Fintech by calling (800)572-0854 or visiting

*Requirements to Qualify

  • An established 6-month purchase history averaging 100+ cases per month.
  • Ability to order and receive a 50-case minimum order through the DDS at least once per month.
  • Licensees that qualify and participate in this service will also be able to continue ordering from other wholesale stores as under the current model.

            *DDS activity is reviewed semi-annually.  Requirements are subject to change.


How to Apply

• Visit our website to apply or return attached Application to