Human Trafficking Law

Businesses that are required to post the human trafficking poster include:

  • All persons owning any establishment that requires a liquor license or alcoholic beverage license and that does not also have a food or beverage permit, or both;
  • any hotel that been cited as a nuisance as defined in Sections 13A-12-110 to 13A-12-122, inclusive, of the Code of Alabama 1975, or where the establishment has been cited as a nuisance as defined in Section 6-5-140;
  • any airport, bus, or train station;
  • and any business that provides entertainment commonly called stripteasing or topless entertaining or entertainment that has employees who are not clad both above and below the waist.

The poster should be posted in a conspicuous location to the public at the entrance of the business or where such posters and notices are customarily posted. The poster must be at least 8.5 x 11 inches. The posters are available here in English and Spanish. For posters in other languages, please click here.