Wholesaler Sales Invoices

Effective March 25, 2020 and the following 120 days.


Out of an abundance of caution with respect to the safety and well-being for wholesalers delivering alcoholic products, as well as retailers receiving alcoholic products, the ABC Board is recommending the following signature modification for all wholesaler sales invoices.

Additional safety protocols have become necessary to promote required social distancing for ABC licensees. For the next 120 days, ABC will suspend the requirement for wholesalers to obtain a recipient signature on invoices for alcoholic product sold, furnished, or delivered as regulated, in part, by Alabama ABC Regulations 20-X-8-.09(2), 20-X-9-.02(1)(b), and 20-X-9-.03(1)(b). In lieu of the recipient signature, the wholesaler should indicate the full name of the recipient and “COVID-19” in the recipient signature line.