Liquor Liability Insurance

Per ABC Rules and Regulations 20-X-5-.14 and 20-X-8-.14(c), all licensees who hold a license allowing the retail sale of alcohol must maintain liquor liability insurance at all times. Failure to do so will result in a citation, or possibly suspension of the ABC license.

Due to the Order from the State Health Officer temporarily prohibiting on-premises service, some of our retail licensees have chosen to fully close their doors temporarily. If you have chosen to close temporarily, you may cancel your liquor liability insurance provided that you receive approval from the ABC Licensing and Compliance Division and obtain liquor liability before you re-open the business or make any sales of alcohol.

To request approval for liquor liability cancellation, send an email to the ABC Licensing and Compliance Division that includes the following information:

  • Subject: “Liquor Liability Cancellation Requested”
  • Short statement explaining that you are fully closed for business and are not selling alcohol and that you understand you will need to obtain liquor liability insurance prior to re-opening and making any sales of alcohol
  • Business name
  • Physical location address
  • License number
  • Date on which the business ceased all alcohol sales

Please keep in mind that this is strictly related to liquor liability and not general liability. You should maintain other insurance you need to protect your business in case of any issues unrelated to alcohol.

For additional assistance and information, affected businesses may email the ABC Licensing and Compliance Division (, call your local Licensing and Compliance Office or call our main office at 334-213-6300.