License Type 200 – Manufacturer (Out-of-State)

License Description

May produce beer, liquor, or table wine  after obtaining a corresponding Federal TTB permit. Licensees are required by ALA. ADMIN. CODE Rule 20-X-9-.04 (2016) to file a monthly report with supporting schedules and reports prior to the fifteenth day of the month following the month of the production and/or sale of table wine, or the twentieth day of the month of the production and/or sale of beer and liquor.  If beer, liquor, or table wine are not manufactured by the licensee, a zero-activity report affirming no production and/or sales must be filed. After a licensee submits an Alcohol Type Attestation Form, zero activity reports for alcohol types not produced are no longer required after the month in which the form is received. Furthermore, copies of applicable (annual, quarterly, and/or monthly, etc.) TTB reports must also be remitted to the ABC Board for applicable (end of period) reporting with the corresponding (monthly) ABC Board reports. TTB reports may include: Report of Wine Premise Operations, Brewer's Report of Operations, and TTB Monthly Report of Processing Operations filed in accordance with TTB reporting guidelines.