June 2, 2022 Commission Hearings

On June 2, 2022, there were three Commission Hearings held in Montgomery via Webex. They are as follows:


Sarafina Network, LLC d/b/a Token 7

Charge: Violation of Code of Alabama 1975, Title 28-3A-25(a)(3), Unlawful Acts and Offenses; Penalties


High Tide Oil Company, INC d/b/a High Tide Oil Company

Charge: Violation of ABC Rules and Regulations 20-X-5-.14(2)(a), Failure to Keep Financial Responsibility on Licensed Premise

              Violation of ABC Rules and Regulations 20-X-6-.04(4), Licensee Failure to Keep Records/ Receipts on Premise


Pharoah of Moody, LLC d/b/a Pharoah Smoke Shop and Phone Repair

Consideration for an ABC Tobacco Only (990) License