July 15, 2021 Commission Hearings

On July 15, 2021, there were four Commission Hearings held in Montgomery via Webex.  They are as follows:


Linden Discount Tobacco, INC  d/b/a  Raceway 755 

Charge:  Violation of Code of Alabama 1975, Title 28-3A-25(a)(3), Unlawful Acts and Offenses; Penalties


Surya Enterprises, INC  d/b/a  Sunny Package Store            

Charge:  Violation of ABC Rules and Regulations 20-X-5-.13(1)(b), Package Store:  Selling Unauthorized Items


MD Habib, LLC  d/b/a  Victory Fuel   

Charge:  Violation of ABC Rules and Regulations 20-X-6-.10, Employment of Minors


Thomas Harlon Joiner, Jr.  d/b/a Tobacco Unlimited 

Tax Protest – Outstanding Delinquent Taxes Due to the Alabama Department of Revenue


The licensee will be notified of the Commission’s decision at a later date.