ABC Board Requests Proposals to Maximize Facilities, Efficiencies

The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board is seeking assistance in its continued efforts to protect the general public and meet the growing demands of consumers.  The Board today released a “Request for Proposals” (RFP) that outlines the current operational constraints of its central office and warehouse located in Montgomery, as well as the future needs of the state agency.

The RFP is available on the ABC Board's website posted to this link, the State Department of Finance’s RFP Search website at and the Department of Finance’s Division of Construction Management’s website at

 Interested parties may review the RFP and submit proposals no later than close of business on October 20, 2023. A pre-proposal conference is scheduled for September 8, 2023. The date, time and location will be published and confirmed to all interested proposers prior to that date.

“The ABC Board must continually evaluate its business model, assess distribution processes and measure the productiveness of its facilities in order to provide the general public with the products and services it desires,” ABC Board Administrator Curtis E. Stewart said. “ABC Board operations have nearly doubled the past ten years. The Warehouse and Central Office facilities as currently configured are no longer sufficient. The Board desires to review any and all options that support efficient and cost-effective operations.”

Through the RFP process, the Board is looking for creative and innovative proposals that remedy current limitations and provide a means for managed growth into the future. The current lease for the central office complex and main warehouse will expire March 31, 2025.

By statute, the ABC Board is required to lease all facilities. The Board’s central offices and warehouse, located at 2715 Gunter Park Drive West in Montgomery, were leased April 1982. The site has been modified multiple times to increase warehouse space, parking, and office space.  The ABC Board now requires facilities designed to alleviate current constraints, that foster continued growth and support the future business needs of the state of Alabama.

Media Contact:
Dean R. Argo