2022 Limited Release Sweeps a Success

The 2022 Limited Release Sweepstakes held Dec. 10 set yet another financial record in its short four-year history. The sales for the one-day event increased nearly 44 percent over 2021.

Eight of the ABC Board’s 167 stores act as host sites for the exclusive, hard to find whiskey sales event. Customers register online for the sweepstakes during a three-week period in October. Their names are put into a database and are then selected at random by computer for a designated spot in line.

In waves of 25, shoppers were allowed to purchase products from four tables—one bottle from Table 1, two bottles from Table 2, one bottle of each brand on Table 3, and two bottles of each brand on Table 4.

Afterwards, customers who were not selected by computer registered onsite for an opportunity to shop the remaining allocations.

More than 17,000 people registered for the 2022 sweepstakes. The event sales total was $1,696,890.

Look for 2023 Limited Release Sweeps details to be released fall 2023.

Facts About the 2022 Sweepstakes:

- Fewer people registered this year, but participants bought more products

- One-day event produced sales of $1,696,890, up 43.7% over last year

- All bottles of Pappy Van Winkle were purchased

- The only bottle of Michter’s 20-yr ($1,149.99) was purchased