ABC Board Announces Operational Changes

CONTACT: Dean R. Argo (334) 213-6330

Out of concern for the public welfare, and after consultation with the Governor’s Office, health experts and others, the ABC Board will today implement operational changes, including closing 78 retail locations, that will provide better safety measures for our store and warehouse employees, patrons, licensees and the general public.

“Due to increasing health concerns and staffing requirements, closing some of our stores will provide the greatest amount of employee/customer protection, while ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency,” said ABC Board Administrator Mac Gipson. “We understand that this is a difficult time and we are asking that everyone be as patient and understanding as possible. Please know that these plans are temporary and subject to change as circumstances warrant.”

Stores scheduled to close will be cease operations at the end of business today, Tuesday, March 17, 2020. Personnel currently assigned to “closing” stores will be temporarily re-assigned to the “open” stores in their area. ABC Stores that remain open will operate during the hours of 12pm-7pm, with the exception of wholesale only stores, whose hours will be 9am-5pm.

Other operational changes specifically for patron and employee safety:

  1. Beginning Wednesday, March 18, all stores will operate as “over the counter” stores in order to keep as much distance between patrons and store personnel as possible. In an effort to reduce exposure, a maximum of five customers will be allowed in the store at any given time.
  2. Customers will not be allowed to pull their own product. Store personnel will ask customers for their order, retrieve the product(s), and bring the item(s) to the counter for check out.
  3. Customers are asked to pay for their purchase with a credit card, if possible. If cash must be used, customers should place the requested amount on the counter and store personnel will return their change in the same manner.
  4. Employees will be required to wear gloves. Masks are optional, at this time.

The ABC Board will send out updates as they occur. As always, please check the ABC Board website ( for store locations and other operational updates.

Open Stores

Closed Stores