FAQ Regarding Temporary Emergency Rule 20-X-6-.19

Attention: The ABC Board has no involvement in insurance coverage or claims. However, it has been brought to our attention that depending on the license type, a licensee’s insurance may not cover “curbside pickup” or to-go sales. We advise all licensees to check with their insurance provider when making any changes to the operation of their business.

Can I set up and sell on the Curb?
This rule is not intended to allow sales tables to be placed outside of a licensed premise. This rule was intended to help small business owners during this state of emergency. You may take the customer’s order and bring the products that they purchased (in the limited amounts allowed by the emergency rule) outside to them.

Can I sell growlers?
A growler that meets the size limitations in the emergency rule, and sealing requirements described in 20-X-6-18 (http://www.alabamaadministrativecode.state.al.us/docs/abc/20-X-6.pdf), may be sold under this temporary emergency rule, provided that the local jurisdiction allows draft beer.

Can I sell mixed Drinks?
No. Mixed drinks or any open containers of alcoholic beverages may not be sold to go. All alcoholic beverages sold under this temporary, emergency rule must be in an unopened container which is defined as a container containing alcoholic beverages, which has not been opened or unsealed subsequent to filling and sealing by the manufacturer or importer (See Section 28-3-1(32), Code of Alabama,1975).

Can I sell non-alcoholic mixers that my restaurant makes?
The ABC Board only regulates alcohol sales. I would suggest reaching out to the health department or the Food and Drug Administration regarding non-alcoholic product questions.

How do I take the money?
That is up to your discretion.

The rule has specific size limitations. Can I sell, for example two 375 ml bottles instead of one 750 ml bottle?
Spirits may be sold in any size bottle provided that the total amount of the spirits sold does not exceed one liter per customer. Wine may be sold in any size bottle provided that the total amount of the wine sold does not exceed 1500 ml per customer. Beer may be sold in any packaging and in any size containers, provided that the size does not exceed 288 ounces.

Can I deliver alcohol?