ABC Emergency Rule 20-X-6-.21ER

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Pursuant to the Governor's Declaration of a State Public Health Emergency, as extended, and
the ABC Board's authority under the Code of Alabama, 1975 §28-3-2 and §28-3-47, the Alabama ABC Board
hereby issues this Emergency Order.

All on-premises ABC licensees shall abide by the directives of the State Health Officer in all
aspects of the operation of the ABC licensed business.

At a minimum all businesses licensed by the ABC Board for on-premises sales and
consumption of alcoholic beverages shall:

  1. Admit no more than fifty percent (50%) of the occupancy as established by the State Fire Marshall and the Health Department; or the amount that will allow safe social distance, not to exceed fifty percent (50%).
  2. Require each patron admitted and each employee to wear an adequate covering over the nose and mouth at all times except when seated and/or when consuming food or beverages or in an outside area.
  3. Require patrons to maintain a minimum of six feet (6') distance between individuals and groups.
  4. If walk-up service is allowed, there must be one or more designated sales/service areas and a minimum of six feet (6') distance must be maintained between individuals and groups.
  5. Maintain, and encourage the use of, hand sanitizing stations at all entrances and throughout the licensed premises; and,
  6. Regularly clean and sanitize fixtures and surfaces in conformance with the State Health Officer's guidelines.

Any ABC licensee found to be in violation ofthis emergency order or any subsequent directive
of the State Health Officer shall be subject to immediate suspension of their ABC license pursuant to Code of
Alabama 1975 §28-3A-24(b) and §41-22-l 9(d).


Author: ABC Board
Statutory Authority: Code of Alabama 1975 §§ 28-3-2, 28-3-47, 28-3A-24(b), 41-22- 5(b) and 41-22-19(d)
History: Filed September 29, 2020